Tokeka Sonic Cleansing Brush


Receive 25% off with the coupon code: ModernEsty



Receive 25% off with the coupon code: ModernEsty

I just received the MINTsonic brush in the mail and I can’t even explain in words how amazing it is! I’ve used my Clarisonic PRO on myself and in the treatment room on patients for years but this handheld device has taken my skincare game to the next level? The 8000 sonic vibrations per a minute helps penetrate all of my products, serums and creams deeper into my skin. I was feeling in a rut and plateaued in my results and I needed more than I was receiving. I recently tried it in the treatment room and my patients are seeing and feeling the difference. If you want to take your treatments to the next level without spending hundreds or thousands on a new device, try this! Matt Irwin Authentic Jersey


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